Ready to Add Your Magnets?

You should have received a second package in the mail containing all the magnets you will need for your sign (plus a few more!). Watch the video on the left to see exactly how to add them to your signs.

Frequently Asked Magnet Questions

When you place an order for a sign set, you will receive 2 packages. One will be a large box with your signs (arriving via FedEx), the second will be a padded envelope (arriving via USPS) with your magnets. Watch the video above to find out how to add your magnets.

That shouldn’t happen unless your signs are out in extreme weather for a long period of time. BUT, anything is possible. So if a magnet does come loose, simply use hot glue or an epoxy glue like e6000 to reapply. 

That is a hard NO! The size of our magnets make them a choking hazard for young children and pets. And swallowing a magnet can be very dangerous. Please keep all magnets away from pets and children and under adult supervision. 

We are not responsible for any injury resulting from handling/being near magnets. 

Each magnet is rated at 2 lbs of pull and we apply 2 magnets to each sign. More than enough hold for our VERY light weight signs. 


CAUTION! If you have any health issues/risks including, but not limited to cardiac pacemakers, hormone infusion pumps (e.g. insulin), or other sensitive devices implanted in the body, or metallic prosthetic implants, where you should not handle or come into close proximity of magnets, we recommend adhering our product with 3M Removable Strips or having someone else handle the magnets at all times. Please consult with your physician before handling magnets. We are not responsible for any injury resulting from handling/being near magnets. 

We don’t recommend it. While the signs and magnets are durable, it is best to take them down at the end of the day and store them. 

While our amazing designer thought of everything and created each sign to fit within an average 18″ garage door panel, we don’t know exactly how your garage door functions. So we don’t suggest opening and closing your door while your signs are on the front. 

NOTE: We are not responsible for any damage or injury resulting from the closing of a garage door with signs attached.